Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wall of Thesis

Well, here it finally is, my senior thesis completed! The Senior Illustration Show last Friday was awesome, I had a lot of fun talking to everyone and getting to see all of my classmate's work. Pretty kickass stuff all around.

A lot of these I've already posted on here, in a finished state or not, but a lot of them I've tried to hold back on posting. I still have a couple I need to resize and put up here, photoshop is being very fickle at the moment...


  1. This stuff is awesome! What company are you working for, or thinking about working?

  2. Hey man, thanks! I've been meaning to call you, seriously. We need to hang, maybe do some drawing at Barnes and Noble or something. Erin told me you live pretty close to Universal Studios. I'll give you a call Monday evening.