Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Vineland WIP and meeting a god.

Still working on this one-Trying to transition from lush giant vines to a desert
Can you tell I love Miyazaki?


  1. It looks really good and I love the translucently of the colors.

  2. Man I really dig that white creature thing-a-ma-bob (if that is not an accurate description I am referring to the bottom image)

    I will trade you a print of the birch trees for a print of the White Forest Creature?

    Matt set the standard of not giving me a print after I gave him one so don't feel obliged to give me one....

    (Matt if you are reading this I have filed a lawsuit in small claims court. My lawyer will be contacting you shortly. Just kidding...but seriously...uhh yeah.)

  3. Hey, Drew -

    Are you a Miyazaki fan, as in "Spirited Away" Miyazaki?

  4. Chase-Yep! He's one of my favorite artists/directors out there

  5. I really like the glowy guy, Miyazaki or no! I can't wait to see these all together--I'm excited for the show, now :P

    For your question, I hope to have nine pieces all-together, and there is no option to edit because the internet HATES you.